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Stiga FLOW Outdoor Racket Green



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Flow is specially developed and designed to be weather and shock resistant. Flow is a very durable bat that can be used inside as well as outside and you will enjoy that the playing characteristics that is very good and it will help you to improve your game. The 30 degree hard surface will ensure you that you will have good control with good spin in your game.

STIGA Flow Outdoor Table Tennis Racket

The STIGA Flow Outdoor 2-Player Table Tennis Set is a very durable racket and ball set specifically designed to be weather and shock resistant for both indoor and outdoor play.

Shock-Resistant Rackets

The Flow Racket allows you to play wherever the game may take you and is perfect for the recreational player. The hardness of the blade offers superior control and spin for an indoor/outdoor racket. This racket can stand up to intense play with a handle made of thermoplastic elastomers and a blade made of polypropylene and glass fibers.

Racket Performance Ratings:

Speed: 45
Spin: 45
Control: 90
Hardness: 30°
Wind-Resistant Outdoor Balls

STIGA Outdoor Table Tennis Balls are the perfect accessory for a recreational outdoor game. These balls are designed to play better in the unique elements that outdoor play brings. They are wind resistant, allowing the ball to fly as true as possible, and water resistant. They are also incredibly durable, and able to stand up to the damage outdoor play can bring.

The STIGA Flow Outdoor 2-Player Set is the perfect accessory for STIGA outdoor tables, the Baja and Coronado. Need more balls or rackets? Find STIGA Outdoor Balls (4-Pack) and STIGA Flow Individual Rackets in green/white and balck/white.


STIGA has been a world leader in the sport of table tennis for over 70 years. Originally renowned for innovative blade production, STIGA products set the standard for both table tennis accessories and tables. STIGA is continually working to develop innovative products by partnering with world class professional table tennis players. STIGA sponsorships include the Chinese National Team and the Swedish National Team which are the most respected and successful programs in the sport of table tennis. STIGA products have been chosen by the best players in the world, and now you can choose to Play The Best with STIGA!
Weather and Shock Resistant for Both Indoor and Outdoor Play
Offers Good Control and Spin for Recreational Play
Made of Durable Materials for Longevity
Performance Ratings: Speed- 45, Spin- 45, Control- 90
Black with White Accents

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