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D1 White Table Tennis Table



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Detro D-1 Ready to Play table tennis tableNo Assembly Required
Just Unfold & Play
Detro D-1 Ready to Play table tennis table
Compact Folding & Storage
Detro D-1 Ready to Play table tennis table
All Steel Chassis No Plastic Parts Made in the USA


Fused Melamine Top
Resistant to Moisture
High Quality Edge Banding


Detro Ready to Play© table tennis table

High Strength Steel Chassis Baked on Powder Coated Finish
All Steel Hardware
No Plastic

Environmentally Friendly
No Smell of Formaldehyde Emissions
EPA Certified
California Air Resources Board Carb Compliant
Made with Sustainability In Mind
FSC Forest Management Certification
The U.S. Green Building Council
ISO 14001 Certified
super strong net and post
3 quarter inch plus table top
1 and a quarter inch steel tube


The Detro D-1 Ready To Play Table Tennis Table arrives ready to play.

The Detro D-1 is an already assembled table tennis table.

Strong- Top that is a full ¾” and not rounded up from the standard 19mm which is actually under ¾” or even rounded up from as little as 18mm or even thinner.

  • The Detro D-1 ping pong table comes already assembled!-Just take it out of the box, unfold the legs, attach the net and you are ready to play!
  • A full 3/4 of an inch thick. Our thermal fused melamine is a full ¾” and measures .77 of an inch -actually thicker than ¾”
  • Made in Michigan!
  • Thicker and better than imported ping pong table tops. The imports are often rounded up from either 18 or 19 mm to be sold as ¾” but both of these thicknesses are less than ¾” !
  • Made of a durable scratch and stain resistant melamine that is fused into the industrial commercial grade board at a temperature of over 500 degrees and just the right amount of pressure to fused the melamine to the board, making it peel proof.
  • Moisture resistant- This surface is highly resistant to hot and cold moisture
  • Scratch-resistant- This fused top is much more resistant to scratches than a simple painted surface.
  • The legs are made of high carbon steel
  • No plastic hardware-All Hardware is steel!
  • Many tables have plastic hardware and sometimes even locks are made of plastic. This is often the case with imported tables
  • This is a wheelchair accessible table!
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