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Dyna 2000 Table Tennis Conversion Top


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The top is moisture and warp resistant that provides an even bounce over the entire table surface. The surface is a special synthetic that is put under extreme pressure and heat to fuse onto the underlying wood to create a moisture-resistant top that will be easy to maintain for great longevity and superior bounce over time.
The surface is not a laminate. Laminates can potentially separate from the wood and cause the ball to skid.
The surface is not painted which would make the surface vulnerable to spills from drinks which are so common in game room areas. Virtually all of the other conversion tops have simple painted surfaces which are vulnerable to moisture and wear over time. Normal wear of painted tops will affect the way the ball responds to the surface friction and in turn affect the bounce characteristics and consistency of the ball bounce.
The Dyna 2000 is made in the U.S. and is a true 3/4 inch thickness. The imported conversion tops are not a full ¾ inch thick, but 19mm instead. The importance of playing on a true ¾ inch top, is that a true ¾ inch thickness is the known accepted minimum threshold which is will produce table tops with uniform bounce.
The fused top is resistant to moisture,scratching and wear.

Get the Dyna 2000 for your best investment in a table tennis

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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 62 × 5 in


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