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Cypress T-Max S Blade


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One-Ply Kiso Hinoki Recommended For A Wide Range Of Players Style: Top-Spin-Minded | Reaction: 12.4 | Vibration: 12.5

Devastating penhold power fueled by the 1 ply, 10mm thick Cypress
Recommended for players trying Cypress for the first time.
Carbon power in an all-wood blade!
Cork affixed on backside for added comfort
Backside painted black


  • Style: Top-Spin Minded
  • Reaction: 12.4
  • Vibration: 12.5
  • Plies: 1
  • Weight: ~97g
  • Blade Thickness: 10.0mm
  • Blade Size: 163 x 135mm
  • Handle Size: 92 x 20mm
  • Made in Japan
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