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Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway Green Table Tennis Table


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Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway Green Table Tennis Table A durable outdoor table. The same SLT (Synthetic Laminate Top) as the Outdoor Home Rollaway‚ but sits on a different frame‚ which can put up with even more abuse than the regular Outdoor Home. This model has the same safety levers on each table half for effective child safety. Net and posts are included and can remain attached to the table in both the playback and storage positions. Legs are indented from the ends and sides of the table.


  • Synthetic Laminate Top (SLT)
  • Wheels:5″ Large double wheel casters
  • Support Apron: 1-1/2" Steel
  • Legs:  1″ Tubular Steel. The legs are set inside the end of the table to allow for unhindered foot movement.
  • Safety: Two safety levers on each table side provide an effective child safety feature.
  • Net and Post:Club Net with Posts Built In to the Chassis. No need to remove the net to fold or unfold the table.
  • Playback Position: The playback position on this table is good. It folds into the playback position without having to remove the net and posts..
  • Suitable For Competition: This table is suitable for certain levels of competition.
  • Bounce Consistency: Very good for a ¾” table.
  • Warranty Length: 3 years
  • Overall Quality: High
  • Weight: 150 LBS
  • Leg size: 1" Square Steel
  • Model#: TW24
  • Accessory Holder is built into the chassis of the table for convenient storage of paddles and balls.
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