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Announcing The ® Brand Dave Sakai C-7 Blade-Made In USA



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The ® Brand Dave Sakai C-7 Blade-Made In USA

The DETRO® brand Dave Sakai C-7 is designed and made in the US by Detro® Table Tennis and Dave Sakai the Hall of Fame Table tennis player.
Dave is current World Senior Mixed Doubles Champion along with his wife Donna Sakai and has won over 100 U.S. Table Tennis Championships.

The Detro® Dave Sakai C-7 blade was designed by Dave and Dan Robbins the chief blade designer for Detro®. Dan has himself won a U.S.Junior and team title and other Championships and has designed blades for table tennis companies in the U.S. and Japan.

Dave Sakai – One Of America’s Top Table Tennis Players

Dave Sakai has been one of the most consistent players in U.S. table tennis history and understands the need for a consistent blade that will lend itself to optimizing the performance of a wide variety of table tennis rubbers.

The collaboration to design the Sakai C-7 has taken place over a 3-year period and we believe that the Dave Sakai C-7 will suit a wide variety of players throughout the world.

Our Simple Money Back Offer

Detro® table tennis and Dave Sakai strongly believe that the chances are the C-7 will suit you too.
We believe the chances are so good that you will benefit from and like the C-7, that after a trial period of 30 days if you feel this blade is not for you we will refund you 100% of your cost for the blade.

Try the Dave Sakai C-7 today while this offer is in effect.

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